How to Improve Airbnb Listings- 3 Simple Steps

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Eliminate maximum and minimum stay requirements Removing minimum stay requirements increases the number of guests that will land on your property – if you have a minimum stay of 3 or 4 nights, for example, you are missing out on people looking to book your place for fewer nights.

Similarly, having a limit to how long a guest can stay will eliminate a pool of people looking to book longer term. Many hosts are hesitant to do this because of renters and tenants laws where their property is located but issues with this are rare and it is more lucrative to keep your property booked longer since the risk is minimal.

Increase the booking window on your Airbnb listing This will also open you up to more guests searching your property as it will put you on their radar earlier. Being available to guests that need to plan an event half a year or even a year in advance will keep you booked further out in advance. Not many hosts understand this secret so you will certainly be one of the only properties available this far out.

Add a self check-in option A self check-in option is an additional amenity that many guests filter for. If you give them the option of checking in themselves, a luxury that guests traveling from far away, in particular, tend to opt for, you will show up in more searches.

Think about it: if you are traveling and arriving somewhere exhausted, would you rather be greeted by someone and asked tons of questions or have time to yourself to unwind and unpack right away?

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