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It’s more than ever to have a solid brand during these tough times. The way you position your vacation rental business and respond to the crisis will make a difference in determining how your business will be perceived in the long-term. And while it’s tempting to refrain from communicating to potential guests at all in order to mitigate risks of appearing insensitive during a time of crisis, opportunities for brands remain. Although travelers can’t (or are not ready to) book at the moment, they are window shopping and will remember the brands that stand out for them.

Why does your vacation rental business need a brand?

1. A brand helps you stand out from the crowd

It can’t be stressed enough: your vacation rental business isn’t the only one in your state – it might not even be the only one on your street! So the importance of defining your vacation rental brand primarily comes from the need to distinguish yourself from your direct competitors.

If you have a sleek, consistent and coherent brand across all content (we’re talking copy, photographs, videos, everything) on the channels you use, this becomes your identity and is what travelers use to differentiate between the market.

Guests are faced with endless options of vacation rentals in each particular place. What is more eye-catching: “Holiday apartments in Lisbon” or “The Lisboans” (The Old Beach)? Not only does your brand name communicate something unique to your audience, but it is also going to be what they remember and liked most about your site.

2. A brand sets expectations

Never forget that your brand also acts as a tool for communication. How you decide to present your vacation rental business from the very outset will help you identify your brand voice, message and to an extent, communicate some guest expectations.

Let’s imagine your vacation rental is called “Amazing Villas” – without any other information, the name in itself is going to generate some kind of idea about the vacation homes you are offering to your viewer.

3. A brand is the basis for your marketing

Defining your vacation rental brand isn’t as simple as choosing a name and a logo, there are many other factors to consider. It will involve having coherent color schemes, styles and design choices across your whole vacation rental site.

These choices will, in turn, play a huge role in the marketing of your property. Whether that’s in the creation of a special offer banner you upload as your Facebook cover photo, or a local newspaper advert, every piece of marketing material should aim to be consistent with your vacation rental website. After all, that is the first and best way travelers interact with your offering.

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